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Här nedan finner du en massa citat från FF7 som jag skrev ner samtidigt som min guide. Först står personen som sa det och sedan citatet. Överst är citat från medlemmar i ditt gäng och sedan är alla de andra.

Huvudkaraktärernas citat

Cloud – “No, it’s not a dream, it’s for real.”
Cloud – “We’ll cross the ocean, to the new continent.”
Cloud – “Did Sephiroth… do this…?”
Cloud – “Hey! Hold on, we’re coming”
Cloud – “…is this some kind of monster?”
Cloud – “Am I…human?”
Cloud – “I joined SOLDIER so that I could be like you.”
Cloud – “Sephiroth…this is terrible.”
Cloud – “…and that’s the end of my story.”
Cloud – “I thought you were a goner. …I was really sad.”
Cloud – “He’ll never tell the truth. Once a spy, always a spy.”
Cloud – “You wouldn’t understand even if i told you.”
Cloud – “Because Sephiroth has lots of different flunkies.”
Cloud – “Where are you Sephiroth!!”
Cloud – “This will be the end of it!”
Cloud – “Aeris’s memories… Our memories…”
Aeris – “What’s that!?”
Aeris – “I’ve heard that no one’s ever seen him bleed or cry.”
Aeris – “Those are the spirit bodies of the Ancients.”
Aeris – “You’re uneasy… But happy?”
Aeris – “So, this whole building is the Black Materias?”
Aeris – “So, anyone who solves the puzzle will be crushed by the Temple.”
Tifa – “Hey that’s Cloud’s line! ‘…it’s too dangerous, I can’t let you get involved…’ blah, blah, blah…”
Tifa – “I’m going inside too, I wanna see.”
Tifa – “I’m Tifa, nice to meet you.”
Tifa – “Sephiroth did this to you, didn’t he!?”
Tifa – “I hate them all!”
Tifa – “…You promised…You promised that you’d come…when I was in trouble…”
Cait Sith – “You can use my stuffed body for the future of the Planet.”
Cait Sith – “You are perfect for eachother.”
Cait Sith – “Aeris’s star and Cloud’s star! They show a great future!”
Cid – “DAMN! #*€&%!”
Cid – “Arggggggh! DAMN, I’m pissed!”
Cid – “Pain in the ass, forget it.”
Cid – “Geronimo!!”
Cid – “DAMN-SAM! I’ve GOT to get back in the air!”
Cid – “Oh! Lady luck, don’t fail me now”
Cid – “Glad to be aboard numskulls!”
Cid – “Money, moola, dinero! My dream was just a financial number for them!”
Cid – “Captain? I’m the Captain!”
Cid – “Wow! Not bad for a kid.”
Cid – “What the hell is going on!”
Cid – “Guess stuff this dangerous is best left alone?”
Barret – “That why you started sleeping in a box?”
Barret – “I dunno.”
Barret – “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
Barret – “Okey, playtim’s over for you jackasses…”
Barret – “The name of Sephiroth’s mother…”
Barret – “Cetra? That some kinda disease?”
Barret – “Well… Looks like this is our last big job!”
Red XIII – “…a research specimen.”
Red XIII – “What a fascinating story…”
Vincent – “This mansion is the beginning of your nightmare.”
Vincent – “So Sephiroth knows he was created five years ago?”
Vincent – “The woman who gave birth to Sephiroth.”
Vincent – “Being a former Turks, I may be of help to you…”
Vincent – “…To wake from the nightmare.”
Vincent – “Sorry. I can not speak.”
Yuffie – “Hey! wait for me”
Yuffie – “I know you would die for a babe like me….”

Andra karaktärers citat

Rude – “…..”
Zack – “I got a lot of brains and skill that other guys don’t!”
Zack – “I’m gonna become a mercenary!”
Zack – “Yo! Old guy! We at Midgar yet?”
Zack – “It smells a little though don’t complain.”
Zack – “I got a place were I can crash for a while.”
Zack – “Mercenaries, Cloud. That’s what you an’ me are gonna be.”
Biljettdam – “Why don’t you go play hard and clear your heads as well as your pockets?”
Fabror – “Young man, CPR, now!”
Man i Junon- “If you see a weapon you want, you’d better buy it.”
Man i Junon- “You want me?”
Dyne – “A voice I’ll never forget…”
Condor vakt- “We’ve been fighting the Shinra fo a long time at this battlefield.”
Condor vakt- “The Condors. The’re huge. Come on, have a look.”
Priscilla – “He-y! Mr. Dolphin!”
Battle Sq. – “The brave do not fear the grave.”
Weaponshop – “A gun is a MAN’S weapon! Ain’t nuthin’ else’ll do!”
Shera – “Hmm… So you’re not with the Shinra.”
Tseng – “It’s not the Promised Land… Sephiroth’s searching for…”
Bugenhagen – “Souls too return to the planet.”
Rufus – “Heh…that’s all for today.”
Kock – “Stay out of the kitchen.”
Soldat – “Sephiroth seems different.”
Zangan – “Hey it’s you! You’re still sane right?”
Sephiroth – “Hmm, hometown.”
Sephiroth – “This scenery…It feels like I know this place.”
Sephiroth – “The Mako smell is pretty bad here.”
Sephiroth – “Take care of the lady.”
Sephiroth – “Ha, ha, ha……”
Sephiroth – “Who is it? Hmph…traitor.”
Sephiroth – “Out of my way, I’m going to see my mother.”
Sephiroth – “Let me be alone.”
Sephiroth – “Mother, I’m here to see you. Please, open this door.”
Sephiroth – “Mother, let’s take this planet back together.”
Sephiroth – “I am becoming one with the Planet.”
Sephiroth – “…Mother… It’s almost time…”
Sephiroth – “Soon… We will become one…”
Sephiroth – “Only to be reborn as a ‘God’ to rule over every soul.”
Sephiroth – “This is the end..for all of you.”
Sephiroth – “You are just a puppet…You have no heart…and cannot feel any pain …”
Sephiroth – “For it is through death that a new spirit energy is born. Soon, you will live again as a part of me.”
Elena – “It’s a SE-CR-ET.”