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Här hittar du lite blandad och kul dialog, och citat, från karaktärerna i spelet.


Musashi: Who did you say was puny? why are you guys wearing such stupid costumes?
Princess Fillet: Stupid costumes? Take that back! You… You little turd!


Bubbles: I’m bubbles!! Because of my beauty, I won second in the Miss Thirstquencher contest!
Musashi: Miss Thirstquencher? Don’t you mean the contest for OLD HAGS!?

Enkla citat

Tim: Little boys shouldn’t be playing with swords! I’m gonna tell on you!!

Rootrick: Awe shoot! Ya founded out! Last one up iza rotten egg! I’ll see ya later!!

Hotelo: You had better not make Hilda angry! She’s quite the witch!

Musashi: You wait here and think about how pathetic you’re being!

Restaurant’s Mannick: Just havin’ a late night snackie-poo!

Restaurant’s Mannick: *burp*…I think I drank too much pop… …I don’t feel well…

Bubbles: Aha ha ha ha ha ha! Like, it’s because you’re such a little brat! Tata!

Musashi: Geek!!

Princess Fillet: Sir Kojiro!! What a hunk! Take me away from here!!

Ben: Duh!! Who are you calling an imbecile!! I’m not an imbecile.

Bakery’s Towst: Aargh! The village will be overbaked!

Musashi: That voice! It sounds like that loser…

Gingerelle: My name is Gingerelle. Isn’t it an exquisite name, darling?

Janitor Sloppy-Joe: They call me ‘The spirited Toilet Bowl Cleaner Sloppy-Joe’! …Later!

Ed: A,a,a,a,a,a!!

Topo: I don’t have time to PLAY with you, but next time I’ll make you whimper like a dog!

Bubbles: Ahhhhhhhh!

Musashi: Kinda disgusting…I’ll do it a favour and slice it to shreds!!!

Ed: Enough ch,chit chatting! Better say your p,p,prayers!

Topo: Welcome to my rave party!


Rootrick: Yeehaw!! Bull’s eye!!

Fuhrer Fltaski: Hah! Go away you tomvoy!! No need for you anymore!

Kojiro: No time to chitchat!